THE PLAY ENTITLED “A FUSSY WOMAN”: The play A Fussy Woman was created  in cooperation with a group of
patients from the clinic for mental disorders ‘Dr Laza Lazarević’. The aim of the project was to give support to a faster, better- quality and long-term psycho-social rehabilitation of mentally-handicapped people by taking preventive measures in our immediate social environment and beyond, and thus fighting taboos and prejudice towards this population and centers for their rehabilitation.

THE PLAY NAMED “NOTES FROM A CELL NO. 12”: The play  was designed in cooperation with the inmates of the Belgrade County Jail. The idea was to enable the participants to change their identities, and by focusing on a concrete problem steming from their role they were able to observe the world more easily from a distance and thus
‘experience’ different viewpoints and express their feelings. Although the performance revolves around one individual-protagonist’s personal exploration, a single phenomenon lies in the focus of the whole group enabling all the participants to express themselves freely and creatively.

THE ACTION CALLED “WE ARE RESTORING SMILES”: The action We Are Restoring Smiles was launched during the first days of 2015 as part of a project entitled They Are Also Among Us aimed at dealing with marginalized groups of our fellow- citizens. The action itself included visiting homeless people in Belgrade who were freezing at – 15 degrees Celsius instead of spending the holiday season exchanging presents and having fun with their families. The purpose of the action was to symbolically restore smiles on the faces of our unsheltered and vulnerable citizens through interaction and direct communication with them, and in this way boost their holiday spirit.The action was a success because we managed to ‘break the ice’ and restore their smiles. We also handed out symbolic presents which made them happy if only temporarily.