Exciting Exchanges in Inmate Rehabilitation through Theater

Within the AHOS project and backed by the invaluable support of the Creative Europe Programme, CRI had immense pleasure of taking part in two twinning mobility opportunities, both as guests and as hosts.

Twinning Visit with Fabrica Athens: June 2nd – 5th, 2023

Embarked on a journey of discovery, the CRI Institute engaged in rich dialogues and immersive experiences in inmate rehabilitation. Exploring the Women’s Prison of Thebes, we delved into discussions and witnessed rehearsals, gaining insights into prison education systems. At Fabrica Athens, who were our dedicated and incredible hosts during this twinning, workshops illuminated theater’s transformative power in ex-inmate reintegration, fostering collaboration and innovation in societal challenges. This visit underscored success in knowledge exchange, skill enhancement, and future partnership prospects, epitomizing the potential of theater in rehabilitation.

Twinning Visit with aufBruch GbR: July 12th – 14th, 2023

Venturing into the heart of Belgrade’s prison landscape, CRI hosted aufBruch GbR for an immersive exploration. Visits to the Central Prison and Penitentiary institution unveiled the intricate dynamics of inmate rehabilitation. From intense discussions with prison officials to witnessing award-winning documentaries like “Records from Cell Number 12,” the visit illuminated CRI’s authentic approach to inmate rehabilitation. The exchange sparked mutual learning, highlighting the positive impact of cross-cultural exchanges in enhancing prison programs.

These visits epitomize CRI’s commitment to leveraging theater for societal change and inmate rehabilitation. Through collaboration, innovation, and cross-cultural exchanges, CRI continues to pioneer transformative initiatives in the realm of performing arts and social work.

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