ABOUT US: “Center for rehabilitation through imagination” is founded by Marina Kovačević, who is founder and coordinator of the realized projects. She has been active as in various projects with stigmatized individuals and groups. She realized  a “Fuzzy woman” (2013/14) project with patients for psychiatric illness “Dr. Laza Lazarević”. Also, she worked with prisoners in  County Jail Belgrade on theater project  “Notes From A Cell No. 12” (2014), and  literary project with inclusive high school students named “Writhing about myself” (2014). At the beginning of this year, she also participated in project “We are restoring smiles” with homeless at the streets of Belgrade, giving the simple presents and restoring their smiles during new year and Christmas holidays. From all of these projects, has been born idea about foundation of  “Center for rehabilitation through imagination” organization, supported by prominent individuals who are also members of the Board , such are David Albahari.

IN FOCUS: Our Center for Rehabilitation through Imagination focuses on the phenomenon of play and its liberating and creative impact on the social rehabilitation, reintegration and (re)socialization of stigmatized and vulnerable groups and individuals. We study whether, how and to what extent the process of rehabilitation can be fostered through the arts , literature and theatrical performance. Man is by his nature and development destined to be on the move, to play.  Apart from his basic instincts for self-preservation and continuation ofspecies, his need to move and play has determined and justified the purpose of his existence since the very beginning of his life on earth. We believe that work on a theatrical performance is the most beneficial since it offers various possibilities of interaction. Although it is not easy, we try to make good use of these possibilities by gradually building up a dramatic process throughout which we do not become who we really are but who we might be, we obtain the features we do not originally possess but could possess them. Theatre can help individuals gain important insights into their own potential, intentions, identity and place in a society, and to this end it uses different means of artistic expression such as dramatic texts, directorial interventions and actors and their play.

OUR MISSION: Our Center for Rehabilitation through Imagination is primarily interested in play and its creative impact on the social rehabilitation, reintegration and (re)socialization of marginalized individuals, socially-handicapped groups and prison inmates as well.The field of our activity and interest includes literary and theatrical projects, programs of applied arts and culture-related research into social reintegration of marginalized groups and individuals. Our mission is to provide open forms  and patterns so as to foster creative development in stigmatized groups and individuals. Re-creation and creation of new social patterns of behaviour through acceptance of dialogue and art as a new principle of humanity.Our center provides poetry writing, theatrical performance and play to facilitate social rehabilitation and encourage imaginative potential of minority social groups, misfits, prisoners, people with disabilities and mental disorders, and of healthy population as well.

OUR GOALS: Our center is dedicated to the following goals: 1) Organization of special workshops which encourage creativity; 2) Recognition of the role of inventiveness and art in the process of social rehabilitation and resocialization; 3) Raising awareness of new patterns of behaviour through entertainment and play; 4) Restoration of self-esteem in asocial individuals and bringing together all the workshop participants; 5) Organization and involvement of social workers, psychologists and other experts in the process of rehabilitation and resocialization of stigmatized groups; 6) Organization of activities which will ensure more support for socially-handicapped people and improve their image; 7) Cooperation with universities, schools, professional associations and other institutions in Serbia and abroad which are involved in social rehabilitation.