After the premiere in New York and the promotion of the movie in American prisons, The documentary film ”Notes from the cell number 12 ” will be presented on 18th January at 8pm in the Mixer House!

It is a dramatization of the Dostoyevsky novel ”Notes from the Underground”, made with convicts that are serving prison sentences in the District Prison in Belgrade. The author of the project Marina Kovačević had a premiere of her movie and program of successful rehabilitation through art in Serbian prisons on international conference in New York and after the premiere, visited several US federal prisons, where the film was shown as part of rehabilitation for the American convicts.

Documentary movie “Notes of the cell number 12″ is epilogue of theater performances with Serbian inmates, created in co-production services for the treatment of the Belgrade District Prison and non-governmental organizations ,,Rehabilitation Through imagination”. The play has been performed seventeen times at institutions and in the biggest Serbian prisons to the grand finale, the performance to the public at Belgrade Youth Centre, in September 2015.

“This was the best year of my life. Literally, the only reason it was worth it to be in prison,” said Djordje Vasiljevic, a prisoner in movie “Notes from the cell 12’’.

After the movie, there will be a organized open discussion starting at 8pm with a convict and one of the main actors of the film, Djordje Vasiljevic and author of the film, Marina Kovačević.
Marina Kovačevič, founder and director of the NGO Centre for Rehabilitation imagination CRI and PhD candidate at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

Admission is free! Please come along.